Tutorials and Invited Talks

Tutorial Talks

  • Rotem Arnon-Friedman: Device-independent quantum key distribution and its practical challenges.
  • Manfred Lochter: Standards and certification of quantum random number generators and quantum key distribution.
  • Norbert Lütkenhaus: Implementation security in quantum key distribution
  • Fang Song: Quantum Zero knowledge

Invited Talks

  • Gorjan Alagic: Signing and encrypting quantum states
  • Stefanie Barz: Implementation vulnerabilities in quantum cryptography
  • Zvika Brakerski: Quantum fully homomorphic encryption
  • Ronald Hanson: Quantum repeaters and quantum networks
  • Eneet Kaur: Fundamental limits on key rates in device-independent quantum key distribution
  • Ji-Gang Ren: Quantum key distribution based on satellite-ground entanglement distribution
  • Zhiliang Yuan: 10~Mb/s quantum key distribution
  • Mark L. Zhandry: Quantum techniques in post-quantum cryptography